Glamping Project – Train Case

I picked up a train case at a local thrift store for $7.  It was sad and coming apart.  On the inside the lining had pulled loose and the outside had lost its shine.  A little hot glue gun, some cleaning and everything looks good again.  It reminds me of the one my mom had when I was young.  I think I have a new overnight bag now.  Totally glampy chic if I say so myself.

*UPDATE:  The mirror is in the snap case that is shown in this picture.  The mirror is fine, but the backing that makes it a mirror has aged and isn’t very useful.  I’m going to try and find a replacement the same size so that the case is fully functional.  Would you travel with it?  I know it’s heavy compared to my little soft sided bag that I hid away inside our check bag.  I’m even debating having our creative friend who does airbrush art for guitars have a go at it.  Too much?  Would it ruin it’s retro appeal?  Hmmm… I’ll let you know what I decide.  Maybe just some travel stickers to show where I take it on trips?  I haven’t tried it out yet to see how much I can fit into it.  My tablet fits and I know any liquids have to be a certain size and in a ziploc bag.  Maybe I need an outfit as retro as my case for traveling!  Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

3 thoughts on “Glamping Project – Train Case

  1. I’m VERY jealous. I’ve had my out for just such a thing for a while now. My Mom also had one like this, light blue as I recall and I would love to find one. Congrats!

    • I’ll keep on the look out if I see a deal and let you know. There are plenty on eBay but I really wouldn’t want to pay the higher price when I can bring one back to life myself. My next project is to find a old tweed suitcase (’50s era), clean it up and convert it into a case to hold hubby’s guitar pedals.

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