Just Couldn't Sleep In

Last night I was sure that my back was cooperative and sleeping in this morning was in the works.  No luck. By 5:30am I just could not get comfortable. The only thing that felt good was sitting up on the side of the bed. So that didn’t last long and now I’m feeling better but its a little late to go back to bed. I just don’t understand… laying down should feel good but for me sometimes its just impossible and I’m trying to do it all without the prescription pain pills. Lately just getting out of bed when the pain starts helps but sleeping in would be awesome especially on a Saturday.
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Thinking About the Keys

Rain rain rain…that’s when I start thinking about the Keys

Key West Lighthouse – Rumor has it that Ernest Hemingway used the light to find his way home if he got lost, since his house is just across the street from the lighthouse. A light that big would come in handy after having a few too many at Sloppy Joe’s Bar.