Ugh A Cold!

What was a tickle in my throat just three days ago is a nasty upper respiratory infection. It’s also known as the crud. So no shopping on Friday for me, just a nice lazy two and a half hour visit to the local “doc in a box”.
Atleast I was in the company of others…all having encountered the crud at some time or another this week. So..having parted with $15 and bearing my rear..I was gifted with “hope you get better’s just the crud” and left with two additional prescriptions. Total for the day…$25.
I’m feeling a little better today, but I still have a couple of coughing fits, but at least my head feels like it’s clearing….or at least until I lay down.
Well.. that’s all for now. If the meds don’t work I think I’ll go the homeopathic route and try some Kali muriaticum. I picked it up later today at the store..something must be to it, right?

Ok..time for me to get some sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to sleep before 3am..last night was aweful. Weird dreams too.