Keep Your Camera Ready!

Keep your camera ready…have the memory card available and don’t forget to keep the battery charged too! Just today…dreary outside, cool, rainy…but while putting away the dishes I spotted these cuties right out in the back yard! It’s a good thing Libby (our dog) was inside or she would have surely scared them off. Hmmm I wonder where their mother is? I didn’t see her, but she could have been out of my view. OK…back to dishes and watching Elizabeth on TV.OK, I know the quality of the photo isn’t that good, but I was quite a few feet away and took it through the window screen. 🙂

What Do You Do?

When you travel, what do you do while your stuck on an airplane with little or no leg room? Do you people watch? Are you one of those people who is always by a window trying to figure out what the city or town below might be? This past week I went to San Antonio for work…this time I had my Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display – includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers I loved it!
It was so easy to read and when time to put up it slipped right into it’s case and then into my purse. I was afraid the battery wouldn’t last since I hadn’t charged it in weeks, but it still had 3/4 of it’s battery life left when I started my trip. All in all it worked wonderful! Now to load up music on it for my listening pleasure!