Tiny Terrarium – Feeling Crafty Today

July 16, 2011

I’ve always liked terrariums and wondered just how small I could make one. Well..better get my reading glasses out because this one is tiny, tiny to me. The hardest part was getting the wire through the cork stopper. I thought I might use some threaded eye hooks but since I didn’t have any I opted for a long silver earring wire. Coming from the bottom side of the cork to the outside too a little coaxing but finally worked. For a few minutes I was afraid I would break the cork.

Next was the moss. I found some outside that was small and very vibrant. Now the hard part…getting it secure in the bottom of the bottle without breaking the bottle or squishing the moss. Once in place I added two drops of water for moisture since the soil under the moss was a little dry. Popped in the cork, added a cord and now it’s hanging in my kitchen window. The interesting part will be to see how long it lasts. Yeah me! One more idea in the books!

Update! Aug 4, 2011 (6 weeks later)
Tiny Terrarium is still going well! About every two weeks I just add a drop or two of water and everyone is happy. The moss is tough. Even if it wilts because I forgot to water, all I have to do is add water and within an hour everything is good again. I’ve even added a tiny suction cup so that I can hang it in the kitchen window!