Strawberry Pot Make Over

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Pot Makeover

On our front porch sits two empty strawberry pots.  We rarely use the front door so if anything is planted in those two pots they are usually forgotten and rarely gets watered.  What to do…
Earlier today we stopped in by Southern Homes and Gardens to do a little window shopping.
While walking around I spotted a strawberry pot with succulents in it instead of strawberries or herbs.  Now I have an idea!  I picked up a few hen’s and chicks and a couple of other succulents to bring home.  On the patio out back I have a couple others in pots of their own…well they all have new homes now.  Each little hole in the pot now has a new resident plant.

I believe these will survive longer than the strawberries.  Now to pick up more next time I’m in town and finish up the second pot too.  The only problem is that sometimes the dirt will slide out the openings, so I’ve placed some smooth stones around some of the smaller plants just to keep the dirt inside.

As a plus all of these plants tend to produce little baby plants and those can be moved from pot to pot.  The question I have now is how hardy will these plants be over winter.  Just as a precaution we’ll move them to the sun room once the danger of frost arrives.

Ok…time to move on to the next project.