Homemade kitchen compost pail

This was such a great hit when I posted it over on Frugal Village that I wanted to repost it here.

On a few of the ‘green’ sites I’d found a cute little green kitchen compost pail and thought “I can make that!”.

1 empty kitty litter pail (square with handle – 28lb size)
A drill
1 carbon filter made for litter boxes bought at wally world for $1.25

Wash pail. Drill a circular pattern of holes through the lid. Keep the pattern of holes in the center. On the underside of the lid, hot glue on the carbon filter. Use small dots of glue, so you can remove the filter after 5 months to be changed.
There you go! Instant kitchen compost pail. Mine works great and it keeps the odors at bay until its dumped into the compost pile outside.

Paint it green or the color of your choice. Don’t paint over the filter though.

Drill Holes in the Lid

Hot Glue the Filter Over the Holes in the Lid