Flash back to 1979

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s the kids in our neighborhood did a lot of things together. Parents didn’t worry about where we were because in our neighborhood someone always knew where we were hanging out. Plus we all knew that we’d be in big trouble if we weren’t home by the time the street lights came on. During this same time one of my neighbors, Mrs. H, was really into crafts and loved sharing thing with the kids to do. I can remember her showing me how to build a terrarium for the first time too. If I remember correctly it was a mason jar on its side and contained some sorts of cactus we had and plants that we found growing in the yard. It also contained a bit of driftwood and shells from the lake. Fast forward 30+ years… my latest creation. Yes..I think I’m ADD with crafts and just try anything at least once.

Supplies: $3 glass cube with stopper from Hobby Lobby, fish tank gravel, charcoal, tiny bit of sand, moss from the woods beside our home, a small fern found growing in the shade and one of my granite stones from Long Island, NY.