Another Week – Three More Pints

We picked the last of our carrots for this year. Wow…so many carrots! I made about ten pounds of them into a curried carrot soup and put into the freezer. Now what to do with the additional four or so pounds that I have waiting in the fridge. How about spicy pickled carrots!?

I’m not sure how they will taste, but its better than letting them spoil. The brine recipe was easy and I can’t wait to taste then in a couple weeks. Since I didn’t have a hot water bath ready for them after the jars were sealed these carrots will have to go into the fridge down stairs. Lots of space in there right now since I’m trying to cut out all my sodas…we shall see.

If you’d like the recipe that I used it can be found at this site, Food in Jars.

Ok.. all this food talk is making me hungry! Off to make some lunch!