Early California Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Want to try something different? I have a lot of old cook books and this morning I was looking through one to see what I could find. Here’s one to try. This one was published in 1952 in a book called West Coast Cook Book. Its a compilation of recipes passed down from early west coast settlers. Check it and give it a try. Maybe I’ll try it this week and see how it turns out.

Herb BBQ Sauce Recipe

If this one doesn’t suit your tastes, then turn to page 219 where there is a recipe for Bear Ragout with Red Wine. I imagine there’s a little more imagination involved in finding bear meat at the grocery store, so maybe substitute it with pork or beef. Let me know how it turns out for you and if you liked it.

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It's Ok To Dream Right?

Flashback… 1960 my father buys land in a pasture that is a half mile from a river. Going on good information he and mom start building their future weekend home on the side of a hill. With plans that they found in a magazine the project of their lifetime started. The front yard slightly sloping to the edge of the property line…a pasture with meandering cows. Up goes a retaining wall, a dock, boat house, and sidewalk along the retaining wall. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well not if you have insight into what’s about to happen just a few years down the road. The river that seems so far away in the distance will soon be damned up by the electric company and the water will back right up to the retaining wall. What was once just a funny looking property with a boathouse and dock in the middle of a pasture will soon be waterfront property. The place where we will go each weekend to relax and spend summers once school is out.Cabin on Logan Martin Lake
Fast forward 50 years…that’s what I want to do. Over the past couple of years I’ve had this feeling like I wanted somewhere to go, to just get away, like we did when I was growing up. One of my aunts and uncles have a cabin that they travel to on the weekends too. Being retired they are able to come and go as they want. Is it crazy that I’d like to have the same? Sometimes with the stress that comes with both our jobs I think that a weekend away might give us that relief we’re searching for.

I’ll keep searching and maybe one day before we’re too old to enjoy find a chunk of land somewhere. It’s a good time to look for something since we’ve knocked out all our bills except for utilities, mortgage and food! The search is on… and if it turns into a piece of land that we camp on in the beginning…that’s just fine with me! Ok…100F temps may factor in, but that’s what portable A/C units are for right?

Another Unique Find on Etsy!

Ok, I have to share another unique find that I came across on Etsy!  I love pure silver jewelry and my garden is full of thyme, so this necklace fits right in!

Silver Thyme

The craftsmanship that CreativelyColorado displays is on the top of the charts. The details of the thyme are picked up in the pure silver and will be there for a lifetime. Add to that super secure shipping and it arrived in record time! When I opened the box I was surprised to find a small gift box with a cute bow on top!

Creatively Colorado has talent and you should check out her shop as well. Just click on the photo above or follow this link to CreativelyColorado!

This shop is on the top of my list!