Still around…day six after back surgery

I’m still here. It’s a little easier getting around and at least its nice outside so I can do a little of my walking there too. The down side is my garden is coming up so well and I still have seedlings that need to go into the ground.
We got a good bit of rain last night when the storm rolled through…lasted about an hour, and wow what wind. Weather channel said the storm itself was moving at 70 mph and the winds were at gusts of 60 mph. I’m glad nothing was damaged or blown down. Even the corn is still standing..all 12 inches.

The back is better. Still tight feeling and I still have to be careful bending, and not picking anything up off the floor. I will say that with my good foot I’m getting better at picking up small things..LOL. Tomorrow is check up day and hopefully I’ll get the stitches out too. I need to ask about the weakness and numbness I still have in my right leg. I’m hoping it’s all due to the healing that’s going on in my back, so we shall see. Walking feels good so I’ve been doing some of that…amazing that not too long ago I ran a couple half marathons, and now it’s a chore just to walk to the mailbox. The jogging probably wasn’t good for my back to begin with wo I may have to choose a different activity to keep me moving. My knees and back will probably thank me.

It’s nice out today. In times like these that I wish I’d finished cleaning up the back porch. Here I sit in my sturdy lounger (nothing cushy so my back stays straight), and I see all the things I could have got done. Since it’s breezy, I’ve opened the windows on the porch, and it’s cool enough without the fan on as well. Tigger has joined me..sitting on the book shelf watching birds in the yard. looks like he just abandoned me…guess it was just too windy for a city cat.