Back Surgery Yesterday.. Home by 8pm

I’m feeling a bit sore this morning, almost like some has hit me in the back. This type of pain I can bear and get over, the intense nerve pain in my leg and foot were another story.

Yesterday we arrived at the hospital around 8:45 and they finally got me back to surgery around 12:30. Next thing I remember is that it’s 2pm and I’m waking up in recovery. My leg feels much better, and I’ll be glad when the numbness goes away from my foot. Its a little better today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better everyday like it did last time. Any ways…I’ve sat too much at the computer and its not time to walk around for a bit. More to come later!

Issue: Large herniated disc L5-S1, sciatic pain right leg, weakness in my right leg and 90% of my foot numb. Standing on my right foot with my left held up, I was not able to lift my self up on my tip toes.
Cause: Unknown
Fix: lumbar microdiscectomy surgery as an outpatient proceedure