I think I've noticed a pattern…and it's not plaid.

When I first started blogging I tried to post something at least daily or if I was lucky I’d post several times during the day. I don’t know what happened but I think life finally took over and now I rarely post. For me it’s odd to think that in the past I had many followers who were bloggers themselves who slowly drifted away from blogging as well. Was posting for the world to see a passing fad? Were we afraid someone might be offended by any random rant or rave? Who knows…but lets see if we can kick start this blogging thing all over again.

For me, a lot has changed since I first started blogging in 1999. Yes, I’m 12 years older, got my degree, and even a granddaughter too! Wow…now I really feel old! Ok, maybe not..I’ve always wanted to be the younger cool grandmother that everyone wants to visit. Hmmm something big to strive for! I did get a bass guitar for my last birthday, and I do ride a motorcycle as well….there is potential…

Ok..this post has turned into one of those bouncing here and there posts, but its a start, right?

Tomorrow will be a good day… you see this week I found out I had bronchitis, but not the regular cough ridden kind that keeps you up all night. This one gave me the deep raspy voice, the feeling of an elephant on my chest, and I’m also contagious. So to spare hubby and follow the doctors dire warning, I took over the guest bedroom. (the bug thats causing my bronchitis is the same one that causes pneumonia)
I just didn’t realize how much I dread sleeping by myself. Yeah its cool having the whole bed to yourself, but gee…I like to froze! The funny part is that since I’ve been hanging out in the guest bedroom I’ve realized I really need to do some kind of decorating in there. There are no curtains, but the windows do have blinds on them. The bad thing there is when the sun comes up so are you…no sleeping in because it’s so bright. Oh wait..it is the guest bedroom. Getting them up early might not be such a bad thing!

So…look out Target…I feel some shopping in the future…once I get over this crud.

Peace out…rambling done.