Did I mention that I hurt my back?

Yes…all the work we did in the yard last week has come back to bite me. Sunday afternoon I started noticing the familiar sharp pain radiating down my thigh into my calf. Now, five days and two ER visits later I’m still in pain and now have no feeling in my right foot. I can only lay down for a little while before I have to sit or stand for a bit. Considering the amount of pain medicine they have me on I’m not able to work either. Joy joy… so far I’m 12 hours in the hole for work and can only go to 40…so now I’m looking at filing a short term disability claim.
My employer is really great about this, and another co-worker is covering for me while I’m out. Monday we will know for sure what the game plan is after we visit the neurologist. I’ve been down this path before, and was able to have my disc repaired with same day surgery. I’m hoping this is the plan this go round as well. From the remarks the radiologist made yesterday, it likely a different disc than what was repaired in 2005. The area of numbness is different as well…my whole foot, instead of just my heel and middle toe. Very weird…painful too.
Forgive my typos…I’m actually laying down on my back while typing this, with the laptop leaning on my legs.

Well.. time to lay down for a bit…oh wait…I’ve been laying down since Sunday…ok..time to roll over. 🙂