Busy Saturday!

Rain barrels from the rain barrel workshop. $35

Two new rain barrels from last Saturdays Rain Barrel Workshop. Both were full within an hours with just a small shower the next day. Today I got hubby to make a short water hose that would reach to the edge of the flower bed. Then I took a 25 foot soaker hose (removed the little disk in the end that prevents so much pressure) and attached it to the end of the short hose. Works great! Now no more watering the flowers, just turn on the rain barrel for a bit and let them soak.

New water heater installed today too. Our old one had rusted out and was starting to leak. I though the plumber would never get finished..seemed he had a bit of trouble getting the new one back in the spot the old one came out of. At least he did finish and it only took about 4.5 hours to do the whole thing..plus he even fixed another leak we found while he was waiting on the old tank to drain. Monday I’ll take a copy of the receipt by the electric company and get our rebate. $375 back for just switching to an energy smart water heater! Bargain! It’s like betting a new heater for 1/2 price!

Ok.. off to see how well the new hot water heater works!