New Project Begins!

Ok.. before you say it, yes I’m working on another project.  I tend to research old cookbooks and especially the ones written before 1900.  I found this cookbook , The Cook and Housekeepers Dictionary written in 1822 by Mary Eaton and saw how easy it was to make vinegar.  Well..I’m not following the steps from her book, but I did a little research and found a much more practical way of doing it…with wine.

Making vinegar is not a fast project to start if your wanting results soon.  Most vinegars take about six months to develop, so now my adventure begins.  I already have a couple wine racks full of wines, but only had one red wine..what’s up with that?  Oh yeah I do like my red wine, and now I’m left with mostly whites.  Ok.. then it was off to the health food store for a bottle of raw vinegar.  This is the type that’s still active, and hasn’t been filtered or pasteurized.  I bought a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and for now I’m using a small crock to hold the ingredients. I added one cup of cider to two cups of red wine. The crock is covered with a dish towel to keep any flies that may decide to find it. Now the waiting begins. More photos to come!