Three Seeds Natural Lotion – Lemongrass

I have to tell you about this awesome new lotion that I’ve discovered! Three Seeds Natural creates a lotion that feels like heaven on your hands!
The one I’m trying right now is’s fresh, spicy and reminds me of springtime. ┬áThe scent is light, and not overbearing. ┬áThe shea butter base gives the lotion a rich feel without being greasy. I’ve had issues in the past with certain types of lotions being harsh or irritating to my skin, but not Three Seeds Natural. Even though my skin is very dry and sensitive this lotion leaves my hands feeling soft. Lemongrass is just one of the many fragrances Three Seeds Natural offers. I look forward to trying each and every one!

Again a great lotion and a new favorite!! Check out the link below and see what you think.

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