Just jogging…

Well on Saturday I had another adventure with the ‘rash of the unknown’.  If you remember, last summer I sat in the sun at a graduation, and liked to have cooked the top of my head.  Well, not really, but the sun was awful that day, and I was soaked.  About two hours later I noticed a rash on my head, neck and legs, and related it all to heat.. I went to bed, and that was that.  Until the next morning around 4am when I woke up and was swelled up like a balloon!  The adventure continued and I ended up spending the rest of the week in the hospital.  No known cause..but maybe something that I’d ate, meds the dermatologist had given me..etc.

Flash forward to this past Saturday.  11.5 miles into my 12 mile run I notice a rash on my thigh..I didn’t think much of it, and related it to all the sweating I’d been doing over the past 3 hours.  Made it back to the truck, and thats when I noticed it.  Now its on my other leg, and it’s looking really familiar.  JB’s driving, so we head home, I take the advise of my allergy doc from last summer, and take a double dose of Benadryl.  Shower, then within an hour we’re at the ER.  Well they saw me last time and know that this stuff doesn’t play nicely.  Doc gives me two shots, two scripts and we’re heading home within an hour.  By this time the Benadryl is kicking in and I can hardly stay awake!  Note: ER doc said if it’s not better within two days or gets worse..come back and I’ll be admitted.

Fast forward to today…everything seems to be going good.  Rash is down and almost gone even though its still itchy.  Add to that I ran three miles yesterday and it didn’t seem to aggravate the reaction.  Yeah.. now I think we know what the problem is…heat combined with the antibotics my dermatologist put me on..almost same combination from last year.  Go figure!