Eco Savvy – One Barrel At A Time

75 Gallon Rain Barrel

New addition to the back porch.  Ordered this nice 75 gallon rain barrel so that I wouldn’t be running out to one of my other three to get water for my orchids.  Since it’s not connected in line with the others, I just run a hose from one outside and fill it with the little pump that I’ve submerged into the outdoor barrel.

It works great and I like the brass spigot that came with it.  With the screen on top I can set one of my larger plants on it, and not worry about the overflow if I over water it.  The excess water will run back into the barrel.  The screen is nice too, since I won’t have to worry about the cat falling in and getting stuck.

I also started another project today.  For my orchids I wanted to be able to water them automatically and have the excess water flow back down into the reservoir.  Well I picked up a pump at Harbor Freight, but the small drip line hose is just too small.  So next time out I’ll pick up some larger tubing, and then try to figure out what to do at the ends.

Ok.. off to see what other green ideas I can come up with or I might just hang my hammock out between the trees and rock for awhile.