5 Before Sunrise…

Up at 0430 and down to Blount Cultural Park (Shakespeare) by 0530.. it was odd running in the dark.  There are lots of street lights around the park however most seem to not be working this morning.  So I just headed over by the art Museum where the parking lot was lit up a good bit, and I could see the ground better.  Plus with all the lakes at the park, I didn’t want to run on the trails just in case a snake may be wiggling by.   I didn’t use my iPod..safety first and wanted to be able to hear everything around me.
At mile two my watch beeped and spooked a flock of Canadian geese that were sleeping nearby…even spooked me a little bit too when they all started squawking at the same time!
The run went pretty good, and I was able to do 12 of my planned 13 miles before the humidity was just too much.  Hands are still swelled up..usual for me on long runs in the heat.  Ok, I think it’s nap time, or maybe I’ll schedule a massage!