What a Summer!

Talk about busy…and add to that just a little heat, and now we’re cooking. Actually more like roasting. Maybe the heat did this to my tomato plants. Actually it’s a heirloom tomato called Rose. We picked up the seeds from Seedsavers.org. I really hope its ripe..it was beginning to split so I went ahead and picked it.Mutant Heirloom Tomato..2 lbs on Twitpic

Today we went for a run around 7am. The temps were already topping 80 by then, but nothing like the temps now at 5pm. Our little thermometer in the shade says 102F! I was able to get in five miles before it was just too hot to think about running unless I wanted to end up in the hospital. It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was able to run about 16 miles…so hopefully by next month I’ll be there. Considering the marathon is at the end of October, I better bump up my workouts.

Ok..time to cut into that tomato and see if it’s still edible. Later!