1380.. a year? the name of a great wine? a movie?  Not quite.

Since 1998 this post will be entry number 1380.  Thats a lot to think about much less what the heck did I post?  Several years ago I would post daily, more on some days but usually once a day.  Things have changed and for the past year I have practically stopped posting at all.  Why?  Maybe it’s because no one reads what I post, or maybe I feel like I sit in front of a computer all day and want to get away from it when I’m home.  Any way.. things are about to change and I’m sure I’ll have plent to post about in the coming weeks.

#1 .. this is the last week for me with my current employer.  Almost four years… time to move on.

#2..new job starts in seven days.. scary, but I’m excited.

#3..Costa Rica Mission trip in July!

Stay tuned!