Happy Easter Everyone!

Today actually concludes my 40 Days of Water experiment for Lent. Nothing but water…no soda, no coffee, no sweet tea…just water. The money I would have spent was saved, and was donated to our church this morning. For sticking it out we were able to donate $250 to our “build a well in Zambia” fund! Not too shabby and to top that I lost 7 pounds in the process. Hmmmm…am I taking in too much sugar? creamer? soda? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?
Any who.. I’m back, or let me put it a different way..I’ll try to post more often.
How was your Easter? Do anything fun? See a lot of family members you rarely see any other time? We had lunch with friends and boy am I stuffed!
Oh well.. time to go work in the garden for a little bit. It’s a little warm today so the lettuce will need some extra water. At least the rain barrels are full! Did I mention it was in the 80s today! Straight to summer!