Cloudy with a chance of rain…

Another Saturday and not a very good day to run. On the list was seven miles.. but again the weather won. Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day to run, so we shall see.
The Montgomery Home and Garden Show was in full swing today. It was funny to be at the conventions center and nothing to see had to do with technology. OK.. there were a few things but totally different.
I enjoyed looking at fancy hot tubs, solar hot water heaters, wood floors, and all types of ‘scentsy’ type candles. Paul James from HGTV was there too! Also..did you know that Costco sells 2010 Boxsters!!! I wonder how they scan them with that little scanner!

After the Garden Show we walked over a couple blocks to Chris’s and had a late lunch.  Hotdogs with kraut, onions, and Chris’s special sauce!

Walking to Chris's famous hotdogs in Montgomery

Oh..and I’ll let you know how the Arbonne diet goes.
Yes.. I do love the challenge and if replacing a meal or two a day with a new diet plan works… 🙂 I just wonder how it will play with running. There is only so much I can do if I’m hungry. Oh.. it’s only six weeks until the Seaside School Half Marathon in Seaside Florida. I can’t wait…if only to walk on the beach and relax for a few days.

OK.. enough rambling… time to check out what’s on TV before heading to bed. Last night we slept down in the darkness and no noise at all! Ok..I had to put in a small night light because the first time we slept down there I almost panicked when I woke up and realized I couldn’t see anything! The good thing was I actually slept past 4am and didn’t get up until 7!

January Already?

It’s hard to believe January is practically over. The past few months have been pretty busy between work and training. Training? Yes, since I missed out on the Marine Corps Marathon last year, I was able to defer my registration until this year. has begun. I’ve also entered into the Seaside School Half Marathon for March. Crazy huh?
We’ll see how it goes…lately it’s been raining a lot and I really hate running on the treadmill. At least on pretty days/nights there is plenty of places to run around base.
Work has been pretty busy too.. lost 12 employees due to contracting mid December, and we’ve finally got 5 back for now. Whew what a month!

Ok.. enough rambling..need to start on the laundry before I get pulled into a CSI marathon or something!