Are you ready?

Are you ready for Christmas? I can actually say that this year I’m just not in the mood. Work has kept us busy… 11 were let go when their contract ended mid December, and until the new contract is awarded we’ll be short handed. Scary part is what if some do not return? Two have already moved to other companies, and some I haven’t talked with… joys of working a government contract job.

In other news..not a lot is going on. We did put up the Christmas tree, which entailed just moving it from the storage building to its spot on the table and plugging it in. It’s a start, and only one week to go before putting it away for another year.

Well I will try to post more, but I can’t make promises. 🙂 Did I mention that we participated in the 12K’s of Christmas run? JB did the 12k and I did the was a nice balmy 38F and raining…did I mention freezing? At least they didn’t give out tshirts for running, it was actually a nice little beanie..kept my head toasty!