Joffrey's Coffee 2.0 Java Update available!

Get the new Joffrey’s Coffee 2.0 Java Update Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.’s Coffee 2.0 java update contains many bug fixes and improvements over your usual blend. To get it, simply visit Joffrey’s at
2.0 includes:
– Feedback incorporated from 1,500+ bloggers
– Upgraded flavor and taste featuring smooth caramel and smoky overtones
– Increased focus power for less distraction
– Faster, more efficient mental processing
– Amplified energy for blogging, coding or gaming output
– Regular drip coffee and espresso capabilities
– The ultimate gift for the Web 2.0 guru in your life

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.’s Coffee 2.0, the specially engineered, highly optimized, flavorful java inspired by the blogosphere, is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans hand roasted to perfection. Coffee 2.0 is the perfect fuel for blogging, coding and gaming and is a great gift for the Web lover in your life.