More cool links and even a freebie

GreenPrint – GreenPrint’s patent-pending software eliminates unwanted pages saving paper, ink, money, and millions of trees.

Free Audio Book – The World is Flat – by Thomas L. Friedman (until August 4th)

We Buy Text Books – Sell your text books for cash and free shipping.

Links to cool stuff!

I never know what I’ll stumble across while surfing, but I thought I’d share some of the cool websites I’ve found.

Free 2gig Backup/Storage – Download and install Mozy to ensure your data is safely backed up at a secure, remote location.

StumbleAudio – 2,000,000+ music tracks online. I really like the stumble feature that lets you discover new music in a random sort of way. 🙂

SecondSpin – Clean out your old music cds, games, and movies…put a little cash back into your pocket.

world next door – A cute little shop located in Chattanooga Tennessee that specializes in fair trade products.

Magic Jack – Need a second phone line for your home or business? Do you have cable/dsl internet? Magic Jack can give you that second line (unlimited calling US & Canada) for only $20/year.

Home Again

Home again. What’s up with all the rain in Florida?? I mean really…does it have to rain EVERY day? Ok day it did not rain at all, but all the other days it rained a good hour or two after 4pm. I mean geez…I wasn’t drinking so it wasn’t like I need time for a nap or anything!

On the other hand it was a really fun and relaxing trip. I did not check my work email even once while I was there!

Navarre Beach has changed a lot since I was there 10 years ago. I remember a Holiday Inn and that was about it. Now there are houses every where! But hey, that’s a good thing. I said houses, not condos. There are the obligatory condo developments that are required for the beach but you can count those on one hand and all the others are private residences. I guess there are places on the Gulf Coast that haven’t been violated by big hotels and massive condos??!! Ok ok..I did stay in a condo the past few days, but it was small compared to what I’ve seen built the past couple of years down on Panama City Beach!

Ok.. it’s after 11 and I guess I should be getting to bed. OH Wait! I’m on vacation this week! 🙂

4 Inside – Coca Cola Sustainable Apparel

Have you ever walked into your local Walmart and discovered something that you just weren’t expecting? I did. It’s called 4 Inside but depending on if your male or female, it could be 3 Inside. What the heck am I talking about? It’s the new line of t-shirts that Coca Cola began selling that are made from recycled plastic cola bottles. Men’s shirts contain the plastics from 4 bottles, and women’s shirts contain the plastics from 3 bottles. The shirts are also branded with ‘recycling’ slogans like “Rehash Your Trash”, “Make Your Plastic Fantastic”, and one with the Coca Cola logo in green. It’s amazing that plastic bottles can be turned into a material that feels like a blend of cotton and silk. I wonder what else they are going to come up with. Coca Cola is not the first company to do this. Just last week we found some workout shirts that are made from recycled polyester. So cool!

Happy 4th of July!

BBQNo cooking out for me. It was just a little too hot today to stand over the grill. I lucked out and found our local BBQ place open and ordered myself a large plate. Afterwards it was down to the park on the river to wait for the fireworks to begin. There was lots of things going… watermelon eating contest, apple pie eating contests, bbq cook-off, dunking booths for local politicians running for office, and a great band.

There wasn’t much else to do while waiting on the sun to go down, so I checked out the river and took a little walk. As usual I had my eye trained for anything that looked odd. There it was. A small round piece of glass sticking out of the riverbank. bottle It took a little work to get it out…I’m sure people thought I was crazy…but hey it’s all mine. The little piece of glass turned out to be a old medicine bottle. On the side it says “Robison’s Drug Store Phone 30 Wetumpka Ala”. Pretty neat huh? Now I have another adventure…finding out when this store was open. And going by the phone number…it was the 30th one in Wetumpka!

Fun fun fun…then only two hours later the fireworks show began. fireworks I had fun just sitting on the boat ramp at the park watching the firework and the lightning…it’s a good thing the rain stayed away. My car was parked four blocks away and I didn’t bring an umbrella!

More driving tomorrow…next stop is the beach for a few days, and then over to visit my sister and her family. Have a great weekend!

Ps..forgive the small pictures…I only had my cellphone with me. 🙂