Is it really Friday?

What a week! I can say a few good things about it…I was home early on a Friday!

This week was my “late” week for work..going in at 9am but working until 6pm. All in all it’s no big deal, especially during this time of year. The dreaded part is during winter when it’s already dark at 5pm!
Today I was actually able to get home around 2:30pm which was good. Lot’s of little house work things accomplished so maybe there won’t be so much to do tomorrow, and I can have an actual Saturday off. Right now I’m just sitting on the porch, checking work stuff, and surfing. Can you tell I’m having fun? I’m still debating on what we’ll have for dinner, but at the moment I’m leaning towards trying the new seafood place in town.

Hmmm…so what else has been going on around here? Lot’s of rain, lots of work (except for today) and lazy expectations for the weekend. Right now it looks like more rain is coming, so maybe things will clear by tomorrow. Next weekend we’ll be heading to Chattanooga for the holiday weekend. G will also be graduating from high school that Friday so I’m excited about that too. Wow… I really feel old!’s off to dinner. Have a wonderful Friday evening!