Happy Leap Day

Today is that day that only comes once every four years during leap year (years that are evenly divisible by four).  So what are your plans for this extra day this month?  Me?  I’ll be working until 6pm today, so unless we do something tonight it will be just another work day.  Yesterday was fun though.  Our department at work took off from 2-4pm and went bowling at the new bowling alley close to work.  I can’t remember the last time I’d been bowling, but I still had a pretty good time.  The last game I even beat the other two people I was bowling with!  Now I didn’t bowl a 300 or anything close to it, but winning is winning right?  🙂  Maybe for now I’ll just stick to playing pool.  Ok, I’m not good at that either, but since we have a table I can practice a whole lot more.   See, no one would be expecting that!

Well my cold is finally feeling a little better.  I still have a cough that is hanging around (four weeks now) but hopefully after this weekend it will be gone for good. 

Here are a few cool things that I found while surfing this week:

Mozy – Affordable Online Backups ( Free accounts get 2GB of storage )

Grow Alabama – Support our state farmers by purchasing a share of their organically grown foods (only available in Alabama).

Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa – Montgomery’s new 4+star (completely non-smoking) hotel and spa recently opened downtown.  Slide Show