Tsk tsk tsk…

July is almost over and I’m way behind on posting.  I’m sure that my lack of posting hasn’t caused the Internet to stop expanding…but I’ll try to give it my two cents again.

I have a new toy that I’m sure will kick off posting to my flickr account again.  It’s a 100mm macro lens for my Rebel.  Yep… being employed again has its advantages; however I might need to take a second job delivering pizza to support this newest habit.  Maybe I’ll take some fantastic shot that I could sell to a gallery?  I’d have to sell quite a few to get that third lens that I’m looking at….

Ok.. this is a start.  I’ve been up since 5am and now it’s time to head in to work.  Why is it that on my late week (9-6) that I tend to get up earlier than I would on a regular day???  I have been a little productive.

  • washed and dried two loads of clothes
  • emptied and reloaded the dishwasher
  • ?

Ok…I was on a roll…

One thought on “Tsk tsk tsk…

  1. OH I know you are going to be very busy with a MACRO lens! You should come up here and put it to use! I have some kind of flowering plant in the middle of the yard that is a butterfly magnet! HUGE butterflies too! I will be looking forward to the new photos! So with J having a new bike I assume you have been putting yours and his to good use? Sure hope you have a great week! (oh yeah…got my camera cable so photos to appear soon of the house AND of me on Michael’s plane!) (HUGS)

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