Tsk tsk tsk…

July is almost over and I’m way behind on posting.  I’m sure that my lack of posting hasn’t caused the Internet to stop expanding…but I’ll try to give it my two cents again.

I have a new toy that I’m sure will kick off posting to my flickr account again.  It’s a 100mm macro lens for my Rebel.  Yep… being employed again has its advantages; however I might need to take a second job delivering pizza to support this newest habit.  Maybe I’ll take some fantastic shot that I could sell to a gallery?  I’d have to sell quite a few to get that third lens that I’m looking at….

Ok.. this is a start.  I’ve been up since 5am and now it’s time to head in to work.  Why is it that on my late week (9-6) that I tend to get up earlier than I would on a regular day???  I have been a little productive.

  • washed and dried two loads of clothes
  • emptied and reloaded the dishwasher
  • ?

Ok…I was on a roll…

Unconscious Mutterings


I say … and you think … ?

  1. Deputy :: Dog
  2. Name :: that Tune
  3. Arrested :: Plead the 5th
  4. Trade :: Cars
  5. Old :: Lady
  6. Fingerprint :: Evidence
  7. Dwarf :: Carnivàle
  8. Newspaper :: Reporter
  9. Gabriel :: Peter
  10. Certificate :: Diploma

Could this be a post?

I hope your having a great 4th of July!
We’ve took time to do a little yard work while it’s not so hot yet. Since it rained earlier this week the grass has finally perked back up, but that just means its time to mow again. If I’m remembering correctly the last time the grass was cut was in early May.
I’m taking a break right now. As usual I got too hot..but at least most of the weeding is done. I actually stopped because I found a bird nest in one of the shrubs that needed weeding around. The weed eater scared the poop out of the little birdie and its mother. They are back in there nest for now, so I’ll wait until they are gone before I finish.
Big plans for today? Cooking out? Fireworks? We are going up to Lake Martin later today to cook out with some friends (they have a boat docked at the marina). There’s a big firework show tonight on the river so we’ll be sticking around to see that too. Maybe I should take my camera too.
Well….what else have I been up to? Not much other than working. It’s been a little slow the past couple of days because of the holiday and people taking vacation (did I mention that three of my co-workers are out with new babies too? (all three born on June 28th! ). Our department sure knows how to keep on schedule!!! hehehe
Ok, I’ve finally cooled off a little so I’ll be heading back outside to do a little more work. I do mean ‘a little’…it is a holiday you know!
Have a safe and fun 4th of July!!