Could it be a post??

Has it really been that long since my last post? It seems like everyday something comes up and I never get around to posting. For a while I thought it would be easy to post from work, but with most things blocked it becomes a little trickier to do. Plus then again I should be working too.

Last weekend we planted the garden. No seeds this year, but just plants from the garden center. If everything turns out right we should have plenty of tomatoes and yellow squash. My potatoes from last year were sprouting again so we pulled up those plants. A bonus for that chore was the small marble sized purple potatoes that were already beginning
to grow. Washed up and added to a pot of boiling water with a little salt and butter made for a great side dish. There’s nothing like purple new potatoes.

Did I mention that our strawberries are beginning to come in? Plus the blackberries are doing pretty good this year too. Add those two things together in a bowl with a little sugar and all your missing is the whipped cream!

Gee…I just came back from lunch and this whole post is all about food!
Surely I couldn’t be hungry!

More later.