Knock knock…

Scuba Diving - Pelham Alabama Well are you wondering what I’ve been up to lately? Keeping cool and having fun while doing it. Over Memorial Day weekend we headed up to Pelham Alabama to do a little scuba diving. There’s an old rock quarry that’s been turned into a divers ‘some what’ paradise a couple hundred miles from the Gulf of Mexico. We spent most of the day there and finished three dives total. Would you believe that I even brought home a little sunburn? Even with a wet suit on I still ended up getting my shoulders, chest and back burned… that’s what I get for not listening during our surface intervals and standing out in the sun to warm up. While waiting I unzipped my suit half way so I could warm up. It’s a good thing I didn’t take it off completely or my legs would have been a little red too.Did I mention that we’ve started working on the basement again? One room now has a stained floor…its a good thing we have two more to practice on! hehe I think it still looks better than bare cement. Ok….it’s time to head home. More later.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things
Television Shows I Like To Watch1. House
2. American Idol
3. L O S T
4. Heroes
5. CSI
6. Dr Who (the Series)
7. FoxNews (Fox & Friends)
8. Anything on the Discovery HD channel (HD is awesome! HD on an actual HD tv is even better!)
9. All My Children
10. Smallville
11. Any show on gardening.
12. Antiques Roadshow
13. Numb3rsLinks to other Thursday Thirteens!

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Happy Mother’s Day

August 1965

(me and my Mom – August 1965)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!


still here

reaching out from the heart of a photograph
returns a forgotten memory from the past
like a warm summers breeze touches the skin on a still night
lingering only for a moment
then gone like a shooting star
to come again and catch you by surprise

©psb 2007