New Digs!

So…how do you like my new digs? After watching my desktop PC become so slow we finally moved my blog to its on little dedicated box. No more lagging and everything should load much faster. The upgrades include the newest WordPress and is now running on Ubuntu,  a Linux based operating system. Bye bye Winders! LOL I’ve also toned down my themes for now until I can rework the old themes to make them compatible with WordPress.

Oh…while searching through some themes I found some hidden links inside them which pointed to some “spam” type pages like off shore gambling sites and those little blue pills. If you ever use any of those prefab templates make sure your not helping out all the spammers by including their links on your page. All in all the links looked real, however they did not link to where you thought they were linking. Sneaky….

2 thoughts on “New Digs!

  1. Ahhh…everyone around me is switching to Linux…Tyler is running Linux, and Michael has FreeBSD running on his puter now. Ah well, I think I will stick with the MS clan for now. I have seen an improvement in the load of your page though. I know people seemed to like my page better once I put it on its own dedicated system. Right now my computer is broken though…Go figure we started an offer on a house and boom goes my computer…the most expensive one to repair. Anyway, I do hope we can chat sometime soon. ((HUGS))

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