It’s like a soap opera.. just soapier.

Well I must really be into working or have other good reasons to have not posted in a while. My excuse for today is that we forgot to move the clocks ahead… LOL. As for all the other days, lets just say “life happens”.

Sooo… better late than never right? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Saturday -Mar 11 – Worked in the yard, cleaned out weeds from my flower bed by the back door. J mowed down all the wild onions that have popped up everywhere and chopped up the leaves. (boy did it smell like fresh onions!) It was nice being outside for a change in shorts and sandals… yeah for spring being on its way! I also caught up on tons of laundry and cleaned out one dresser of things that we don’t/can’t wear anymore. Plus straighten things around the house… I’m that way when I know someone will be coming in when we’re not here (more on that later).

Friday -Mar 10 – Work work work. For the past few weeks its been a little slow, but things are starting to change. One project after another are on the schedule to arrive… joy joy! I have work!

Thursday -Mar 9 – Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Dad or Mom, but today was a little different. Today would have been Dad’s 74th birthday. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s been gone now for 19 years. A lot has changed since then, and I’m sure he’d be happy in how things are going with me now. 🙂

….backing up a bit

In other news we’ve planned a trip up to New York to spend some time with J’s family. The last time we were up was about six years ago and in summer. This will be a bit interesting for me…. this time there will be chances of snow, plus we’re going skiing at Greek Peak! Does a girl from Alabama have the right clothing to keep herself warm in weather like this???? and to see some snow!!??DSCN5300

We did not take our check-out dive for scuba yet. Since we’re going to NY we though it would be best to wait until April. Now at least we do have all our gear and won’t have to worry about using the rental gear. Oh… wet suits are very slimming, but getting in or out of them can be a challenge! LOL

For the rest of the days I’m either working or just catching up on recorded shows on the DVR. American Idol hasn’t been as fun to watch this year as last year, but maybe once the competition really begins things will change. To tell the truth they really just need to drop all the guys and let the girls compete.

Ok.. off to see what I can get into!

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  1. Gorgeous flower; so bright and cheery!

    New York sounds fun!!

    I have a lot of shows to catch up on too, perhaps this weekend… life is just nuts!


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