Getting paid for Spam?

Lately my “Real” email address has started getting tons of spam. How? I’m not sure since I use my “Other” address for forms, buying things online and signing up for services.

Well while searching for a fix I found a couple of website who have a different approach to Spam. Over all the companies are mail forwarding services and for spam to reach you the spammer has to pay up. The forwarding company gets a piece of the price (you can set your own price) and you get the rest. What this mean is that you pick your ‘public’ email address and use it when you sign up or purchase things online. Also use the ‘public’ address for message boards, forums, myspace, and other public places that you wish to post an email address.

I’ve made only $.28 (2 spam emails) over the past week, but my new ‘public’ address is only used on a couple of sites so far like myspace and What’s the name of these ‘paid for getting Spam’ sites?

Need more space for email. How about a free 1T (1000G) Email Account? I found one of those too at
They promise 99% spam free accounts, and the only catch is that you have to ‘view’ an ad (once or twice a month) from a sponsor to keep your account open.