Just How Long Has It Been?

A lot of things going on around here over the past two weeks. We started scuba lessons last week and from what I can tell it will be a lot of fun. There are only three of us in our pool session so at least its not so crowded. I will say that even a heated pool gets cold after two hours of swimming! Dont get me started on the eight lap swim either! Oh I know we have to prove that we can keep our self from sinking, however I was exhausted after it was over! LOL At least we didn’t have a time limit, but then again I didn’t want to hold up the class either.

Today we’re (ok J is in the process) of ruffing up the basement floor to get it ready for stain. I’m just sweeping up the grit, but its still getting messy. Think of a floor buffer with huge grinding teeth underneath. Yeah… but it will take the shine off of anything!

Well I’m going to head back down stairs (its really loud even when wearing our ear muffs that are for shooting) and see how much is left. The machine has to be back at the store by 5pm… so hopefully we’ll get all three rooms finished.

More to come…

Getting paid for Spam?

Lately my “Real” email address has started getting tons of spam. How? I’m not sure since I use my “Other” address for forms, buying things online and signing up for services.

Well while searching for a fix I found a couple of website who have a different approach to Spam. Over all the companies are mail forwarding services and for spam to reach you the spammer has to pay up. The forwarding company gets a piece of the price (you can set your own price) and you get the rest. What this mean is that you pick your ‘public’ email address and use it when you sign up or purchase things online. Also use the ‘public’ address for message boards, forums, myspace, and other public places that you wish to post an email address.

I’ve made only $.28 (2 spam emails) over the past week, but my new ‘public’ address is only used on a couple of sites so far like myspace and Half.com. What’s the name of these ‘paid for getting Spam’ sites?


Need more space for email. How about a free 1T (1000G) Email Account? I found one of those too at http://www.bgxmail.net/
They promise 99% spam free accounts, and the only catch is that you have to ‘view’ an ad (once or twice a month) from a sponsor to keep your account open.

Are you up to?

Well…as of 0630 my desk is quite organized and dust free for a change. It all started as an adventure to sort bills and get things ready for the New Year that we are 14 days into. That’s when it all started. I wasn’t happy with just getting the bills in order. Instead I grabbed the Pledge and eliminated dust that was hiding underneath. Next I’ll tackle my file drawer and move files elsewhere and pull out everything we’ll need for taxes. -shiver- Oh yeah…I have to file taxes this year too. Anywhoo…

Was your week busy? Did the weather go from frost to summer temps in the span of just a few days? Dressing for work is still a challenge for me. Do I dress warm? cool? considering I haven’t figured out my work environments climate yet. In the mean time I just keep a sweater at my desk…can you say “Mr. Rogers”?

Yesterday we took a drive downtown and signed up for scuba lessons (Open Water Level 1). After our dive adventure down in the Keys we just had to take this 1/2 price deal. Hmmm…maybe I should invest in some visits to the tanning bed too! Are wet suits slimming? LOL