Tap..tap…tap…Is this thing on??

I’m still around… did you miss me? For the first time in a week or so I feel like I have a couple of minutes free to catch up on things. How was Thanksgiving? Pretty good here. We took a trip down to my sisters house to visit for the day and had Thanksgiving lunch. What is it about Turkey and getting so sleepy!?? Well on the way down we decided to take along the iPod and listen to Eragon to help pass the time. Wouldn’t you know that after five hours it would be getting really good and our driving time would be over for the day! I guess I know what I’ll be listening to at work for a few more hours.
Work is going great. Still in the learning stage of work and actually got to deploy my first application! Boy this is a lot different than anything we EVER did in school! Speaking of school… I’m counting the days…only 13 more days of school, then finals and then graduation is on the 16th! Can you tell I’m excited? Really, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Today I tried catching up with some of my homework (yes…I had to work today) and at least I do have most of our group project done. We’re going to meet tomorrow and get this thing out of the way. I’ve got one more case study to finish in Strategic and then a third exam and a final the following week. If I’m happy with my grade I can pass on taking the final, but right now I’m in a good mood and will be taking it just for fun. 🙂 It’s a comprehensive final, so it could turn out to be reallllllllly hard, or easy if its a departmental exam. After finals its only two days to graduation. As for my other class we’re still working on the ‘class project’. We are building from scratch a new website for the local humane society. We’ve even found a host that will possibly host and maintain it for free.

The basement is coming along slowly…but then again we’re not paying the workers by the hour, but I sure wish they would hurry up and finish. The bedroom (or my room as I’m calling it right now) is pretty much finished with drywall (ceilings and walls) and the main room walls and ceiling are about 3/4’s finished. The utility room is about 3/4’s finished, but looks a lot closer to being dones since we’re not doing the ceiling in there (all the water lines, etc are in there). We’ve picked out the colors for the paint and I’ve been trying to decide on how to decorate the rooms. I do know we’ll be moving our current entertainment center and tv down to the bedroom and make room for J’s tv upstairs ( that I’m sure Santa will be bringing for Christmas.)

As for the rest of the furnishings….we haven’t yet decided on the pool table. It sure would be fun, but once you get one its there…no moving it. Hmmmm maybe we can start collecting 1970 – 1980’s pinball machines! Wouldn’t that make for a fun game room?

Ok… enough rambling… I’m going to head out. If your interested in the basement remodel, feel free to check out the Flickr pics.


Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings, Week 198

You say…I think…

    1. Teacher :: Sensei
    2. Fifty :: Cents
    3. Crossword :: Puzzle
    4. Stuffed :: Turkey
    5. Family :: Tree
    6. Purr :: fect
    7. Toad :: the Wet Sprocket
    8. Cocktail :: Party
    9. Insecurity :: Emotional
    10. Magical :: Fantasy

National Weather Service Confirms F2 Tornado Hit Montgomery

National Weather Service Confirms F2 Tornado Hit Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 16, 2006 — The National Weather Service has confirmed to WSFA that a F2 tornado hit Montgomery on Wednesday.

The NWS says the area that suffered the worst damage was the Fun Zone area which was hit by winds of between 120-150 mph. Officials say the tornado cut a path across the area 4.35 miles long and 250 yards wide.

When you look at things from a distance, everything looks just like one pile of twisted steel and metal; but, when you get up close, the details really begin to emerge — cars left on their side, at one point people walking on panes of glass that used to be windows, and a crushed Skee-Ball machine. It’s really impressive when you see what the scope of this storm has done to the area.