It finally feels like fall… that and the fact that deer are on the move again. Nothing gets the heart racing like going an upclose encounter with a deer in the dark. Yes…the other night I was taking something out to put into the trash can and about the time I got to the end of the sidewalk I heard this “noise”…more like a very loud snort that practically whistled! From now own I’ll turn on the flood lights before going out side… that little incident scared the bageebies out of me. 🙂 Or let the dogs out first and see how they react.

Well last week I found out what I made on my Strategic Mgmt exam. I made an 89. So close to that A I wanted, but right now I’ll take the grade. The plus side of this class is that if I am happy with my overall exam grades by the end of the semester then I can opt out of the final exam, which is comprehensive (covering all material). **Keeping my fingers crossed**

On Friday I received a letter from my Dean letting me know that I do qualify for graduation in December and giving me my preliminary GPA…3.31. No deans list this time, but closer than I thought I would be. That C in World Pre-History to 1648 really kicked my butt! LOL

More later…