At Long Last…A Post

Ok… so may be it’s not a long post, but at least I’m giving it a try. I’ve felt like crap the past couple of days, and hope I can get past this nasty cough soon. There’s nothing like a nagging cough that won’t go away, and keeps you (and anyone else close by) up all night. I think I finally went to sleep around 4:30am in the recliner…may be I should give sleeping while sitting a try. I’m maxed out on the Comtrex, Dayquil, and I’m to a point where cherry cough drops just don’t taste good at all anymore. Last night I kept myself loaded with hot tea with honey and lemon….felt good, but I guess I should have added a little Jack to the mix. Or just Jack alone…I bet I would sleep all night then.

Well lots of things going on around here, some I’ll post about at a later date…wouldn’t want to jinx myself. 🙂

Off to heat up the tea kettle….

Photo Friday: Theme – “Destruction”

n 1: termination by an act of destruction [syn: devastation] 2: an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something [syn: demolition, wipeout] (

Photo Friday: Theme – “Destruction”

Ocean Springs, Mississippi – After Hurricane Katrina
September 2005 – Church Mission trip from Montgomery, Alabama to help as much as they could.


It finally feels like fall… that and the fact that deer are on the move again. Nothing gets the heart racing like going an upclose encounter with a deer in the dark. Yes…the other night I was taking something out to put into the trash can and about the time I got to the end of the sidewalk I heard this “noise”…more like a very loud snort that practically whistled! From now own I’ll turn on the flood lights before going out side… that little incident scared the bageebies out of me. 🙂 Or let the dogs out first and see how they react.

Well last week I found out what I made on my Strategic Mgmt exam. I made an 89. So close to that A I wanted, but right now I’ll take the grade. The plus side of this class is that if I am happy with my overall exam grades by the end of the semester then I can opt out of the final exam, which is comprehensive (covering all material). **Keeping my fingers crossed**

On Friday I received a letter from my Dean letting me know that I do qualify for graduation in December and giving me my preliminary GPA…3.31. No deans list this time, but closer than I thought I would be. That C in World Pre-History to 1648 really kicked my butt! LOL

More later…

The Nature Conservancy:Digital Photo Contest

The Nature Conservancy:Digital Photo Contest and information.

Here’s a little information that I came across today and thought I would share.  I know there are a lot of you out there who take some really great shots.  Good luck!

Your photos will be joined with submissions from other Conservancy members to showcase and celebrate the beauty of our natural world and inspire others to protect our most critical natural resources.

[Camera]We’re looking for beautiful nature photography representing the diversity of life on Earth. Your own original digital images of our lands, waters, plants, animals and people in nature are all eligible for the competition.

Your digital images could win and inspire others! Twenty photos will be selected as finalists, 10 for each category. Each category will have one grand prize winner: