New Digs..Old Look

Updated WordPress today to 2.0.4, and finally have all my archives in one place.  That was fun…and I hope I don’t have to do it for quite a while!  Whew…. it’s been quite the evening!  After sitting here for a couple of hours..I’m off to bed.

Are You Being Served?

How would you like to take a class from a MIT professor… for free? Just think of what you would save on tuition alone. Well MIT has just the solution for you. Now…don’t expect a diploma in the end… but hey, free is free! Isn’t there a better way to spend the $33,600 tuition fee you just saved? And that’s just for one year….not including room and board.fiddlemud

MIT Open Course Ware

Wondering where you are?

Well the service that hosts my site is down due to upgrades, so for the time being I’ll redirect you here, and post on my old blog.

Are you enjoying all the wonderful weather? We’ve not run the AC but maybe once all week, and sleeping with the windows up is great! All that fresh air…just makes you sleep just a little better.

Opps.. got to run. I shall return later!