Back to School…

Well…only 16 more weeks of school left until graduation! Yeah, I’ve been
waiting for this semester to get here, and I know it’s going to seem like
forever. That’s ok though, since I do have two projects and presentations
to work on and we’ll need all the time we can get.

Yesterday I finally got my camera back from Nikon. That’s a pretty good
turn around for a repair and it didn’t even cost us a dime (no warranty
either, but it was a known issue). Not a bad deal, but I would have liked
to have had this camera with us on our trip. Then again…we could have
been on our trip when it decided to die and we would have been without a
camera (at least with out one until I could have located a WalMart). LOL

What else has been going on around here? Hmmmm…not too much. The
afternoon showers have finally returned and the yard is finally green again.
The down side to all the rain is not being able to take the bike to school.
Yes, I’m a wussy when it comes to riding in thunderstorms. There’s
something about sitting on metal and lightning overhead that just makes me

I’ve uploaded pictures to my photo album from the scuba trip. They are the
same photos that were there before, but I’ve color corrected them to
compensate for not having a large enough flash on the camera. I found a
action for paintshop that did most of the work for me… saving a lot of
time too. So check them out when you get a chance.

Mr. Atkins has arrived back at our house again…time to get back into
shape, especially if we’re going to go ahead with the scuba course. The one
thing I loved about our dive trip was the way it felt to be weightless under
water and how it took all the pressure off my back. Now standing up with
the tank on, and climbing back out of the water was quite a chore because of
the weight, but I think I can manage. Plus it would be great physical
therapy on my leg too! Oh…this morning I woke up with a terrible cramp
in my calf! That’s the first one of those that I’ve had in a long time. It
was really weird since last night was the first night I’d slept the whole
night through…I hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure J wasn’t happy to
be woke up with my screaming. Hehe