Thoughts going through my head….

….if a star has a stellar parallax of 0.0067 arc seconds….
….does the apparent brightness of a star depend on….
….relative darkness of the absorption lines…
….is it possible to identify a spectroscopic binary star system from the
spectrum of its light…

Yes… It’s exam time around here once again. Final exams are on August 2,
and here we are having an exam tomorrow…
Nothing like getting one exam out of the way, only to cover four more
chapters in the next three class periods. Anyhoo… I’m still around, and
wanted to let you know that I hadn’t forgot about blogging. Actually I try
to stay away from my computer desk when I’m studying, else I end up surfing
or doing something other than studying (Yeah! Like writing this email

Oh! Did I mention that we finally had rain! Yeah..two days in a row!
Nothing too major, but it looks like we’re finally getting back to our usual
evening showers. This means that by the time I’m finished with classes our
lawn will be needing some attention.

Well it’s dinner time, so I’m out of here. Look out, it’s Mexican for