Monday Madness

1. What is your favorite framed object in your house? A photo of a sunset that I took when we were in Key Largo, Florida a couple years ago.
2. If you had a choice of being a carnivore or a herbivore, which one would you be, and why?Carnivore…if we weren’t supposed to eat animals then why did God make them taste like meat. 🙂 Actually I’ve never been fond of salads, and now because of my diviticulitis I have to stay away from them.
3. Who do you think should have won the FIFA World Cup? Or, don’t you care? I would have hoped the best team playing won… though I’m not so sure what that head-butting incident was all about in the final game.
4. What’s your feelings on stormy weather? Would welcome some right now, since our area is way behind on rainfall for the year.
5. Do you believe in “time out” chairs? No.
6. Have you ever bought or sold anything on Ebay? According to Ebay I have… my feedback is up to 467 (mostly selling)!

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