Finding Booty on the Coosa River

Now who says you can’t find a little booty down by the river?? Come on now, its summer time and if you look close you’ll find it everywhere. I’ve even posted a picture to prove it!

Booty from the Coosa River

Oh… what where you expecting to find here? Girls in bikini’s? Nah… I wouldn’t do that! Sunday we went for a walk down by the Coosa River and about a foot from the waters edge I noticed some things that looked like coins. Well since the area is known for Indian villages, Spanish explorers and the such, I was hoping it was treasure. Not this time… just $1.56 in change lost by some swimmer between 2003 and today. The water is so low right now that its possible to walk for quite a ways, and if we’d been dressed to get muddy we’d have walked a little farther. I’d hoped to spot a arrowhead or two, or some other type of artifact. Considering we were only a couple blocks from Indian land (where the Harrah’s Casino is being built) I thought we might find something. Before the water comes back up I think I’ll talk J into going back with me and looking a little longer. Going alone for me isn’t an option (unless I pack ‘Betty’ to come along with me), plus as muddy as it is in some places I’d had to get stuck in the mud.

Did you think I’d left the blogosphere for good? Nah… I’m still around. Busy as a bee and not making a lot of honey either. Actually thats not true. In the past week:

We’ve been able to finish insulating the basement.
J cut off 13 inches of his hair to donate to Locks of Love. BEFORE DURING and AFTER
We stripped the old cedar wardrobe that I bought at the thrift store a couple weeks back and we’re up to the second coat of finish.
On the 4th of July we went up to my aunt and uncles cabin on Logan Martin lake and enjoyed some homemade vanilla ice cream. Several other relatives came by to visit for the day, even Aunt Eddie who’s 91 years old. I hope I’m that active when I’m that age… yes I have a few years, but it never hurts to plan ahead either.

Ok.. off to take a quiz for class tonight!

Have a great day!