Weekend Update – A day late

Talk about a busy few days. Over the weekend we were able to accomplish quite a few things. We planted my Topsy Turvy Tomatoes… this will be interesting. I can’t wait to see how they do over the next couple of months. The little booklet says they should produce well, save space and be interesting to look at. I just hope the hooks hold out… those babies are heavy.
On Saturday we drove down to pick up another load of Super Soil for the raised beds. There was enough left over to fill a few low spots in the yard, plus fill the planters for the other tomatoes.

I also won this little scarf… for a minute or two I wasn’t sure where it had come from, then remembered entering a sweepstakes that was in People magazine in January.

Friday my order of purple potatoes came, and right now they are sitting in the sun so that they begin to put out little sprouts. I’ll be putting those into the ground as soon as the rain stops today. I’ve given a few away, and considering we don’t have a lot of space, and I ordered the smallest bag available we might just have to prepare another bed!

Friday was also another day for new things. Since our old lawn tractor bit the dust over the winter I decided to break in the new one and get it dirty. Talk about getting the job done. I was finished with the front in a little over an hour and my feet and hands didn’t feel all ‘tingly’ when I was finished. The old one vibrated so bad I hated using it… I do believe I’ll be mowing pretty regular this summer. It’s even got a plug in so I can hook up the iPod and not run down my batteries! Add to that a cool drink in the holder on the side and I’ll be mowing the whole neighborhood. j/k

Here are the ‘normal’ tomatoes we planted out back… just in case the Topsy Turvy ones don’t make it.