Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Me

1. Born, raised, and have always lived in Alabama.
2. I have one sibling, a younger sister.
3. I used to wear glasses (yeah for RK in 1990).
4. I have a habit of always being early…even going to the doctor.
5. I was born on a Monday.
6. I have my Black Belt in Karate.
7. I’m addicted to Lillian Jackson Braun books.
8. I’ve always had a cat as a pet.
9. My eyes are green, blue, or just depends on the day. (really they change)
10. I have a Suzuki GS500f, a gift from hubby on my last birthday.
11. I will not ride in winter unless the temp is above 70.
12. I love a good German Riesling.
13. I have a slight Southern accent. It’s heavier after visiting family sometimes.
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