New digs!

Yes I’ve been doing a little remodeling around here… and not only with my blog. I’m still a little behind on the archives, but hopefully they will be up to date before too much longer. Or…I’ll just start fresh. 🙂

How’s my spring break? Well… I’ve been one busy bee. Monday I pulled out the carpet in the guest bathroom and put down tile, then after dinner I did the same for our bathroom. Its amazing what one person can accomplish when they are full of energy. Right now I’m holding off on anymore remodeling of our bathroom, considering the black fixtures will be coming out as soon as we figure out how to layout the new bathroom Yes.. you read that right… there are black fixtures in there. Talk about a scary sight when you’ve had a few too many to drink.

Today the insulation company came out and redone the insulation in our attic. After checking it out and discovering insulation only 4 inches thick in places, we decided that a lot of our heating and cooling are for nothing. Once the workers were finished blowing in the new insulation we’re up to a R-30 up there…. the insulation is about a foot and a half thick, and thicker in some places! Now if we don’t see a difference on our heating and cooling bill…there has to be a problem else where.

Well… enough chit-chat. I need to change clothes and get ready to head to the gym. I’ve got 20 pounds to lose… anyone need a few extra?