Its Been One of Those Weeks

Well the week isn’t over yet, and so far it’s not had a good start.

  • J’s fighting a nasty virus thats been going around
  • I finally went to the doctor about my stomach pains (nothing really painful, just uncomfortable, it just feels like I’m 9 months pregnant and the baby is pushing up under my ribs on my left side)
  • A trip to the hospital for me yesterday for xrays and bloodwork.
  • I planted the seeds I started and one of the dogs dug up six of them and chewed them to pieces.
  • Top all that with more cold weather!
  • Classes are going really well, and its hard to believe this semester will be over in just a couple of weeks. I got my grade for my Disaster Recovery class… a 100. Very nice. I’m still not too fond of going to late classes, but at least I am home during the day.

    Well.. time to get busy and see what I can get accomplished around the house today.

    I hope your having a great week!