Hi there!

I haven’t posted for a couple days so I thought I’d try to do a little catching up. We now have SunRocket as our home telephone service. Really easy to hook-up and the sound quality is really good. It’s odd to pick up the phone and dial… not having to worry about long distance charges. We do have a new phone number, but our old number will remain the same (it’s being ported to the new phone system). The neat thing about SunRocket is that you can listen to your voice mail online or have it emailed to you where ever you are.

Hmmm… what else have I been up to? Mostly school, and doing a little spring cleaning. I started on a couple of cabinets last week, and I will probably do a few more next week. This week I have one mid-term to work on (it’s a take home) and next week is spring break.

PS… here’s another look at my camellia since its now fully open.
Tricolor - Camellia